Working From Home-COVID 19

Working From Home-COVID 19

October 30, 2020

COVID-19 & WFH (work from home) 

With the COVID 19 virus now in our lives many companies are going to a WFH format for the near future. This helps to protect employees, their families and also their customers. But let's look at the WFH situation from a new angle.

1) Is the employee using a company laptop or their own laptop or desktop?

2) If the employee is using his/her personal computer, who else has access to that machine? Does it have virus software, firewalls? Most viruses are allowed in to a company network because an employee unknowingly opens an email and has allowed some type of virus, ransomware or trojan horse into the company network.

3) Password and confidential files. How are passwords managed at home, and if other family members have access to that machine, how can you protect a customers "confidential" information?

4) Does your company have any type of WFH Cyber Security Policy? 

Many companies now days allow employees to work from home, I know several that make it a part of their work schedule. But WFH needs to have guidelines for the employee and for the company to protect both parties.