Why Workers Comp

Why Workers Comp

October 30, 2020

Why Workers Comp? If you own a business in Texas, you know that Texas does not have a mandatory Workers Comp statute.

So why do I need Workers Comp?

The reason you need this coverage is to protect you and your employees from financial disaster!  There are many facets that are a part of the Workers Comp policy. One reason is that the Work Comp policy is the first remedy for an injured employee, meaning he/she cannot sue you for an on the job injury! 

The next reason Workers Comp is needed is to pay the medical bills if an employee does get injured on the job. Those medical expenses can include; an ER visit, follow up doctors visits, x-rays or other medical testing, prescription drugs, rehabilitation and medical equipment like crutches that may  be needed. 

And Workers Comp will also pay your employees lost wages if he/she is off of work 7 days or more due to that on the job injury. Could you as an employer afford to pay $10,000, $20,000 or more in medical cost for an injury that occurs on the job? Most employers cannot.

Best of all Workers Comp does not have a Deductible and there is no limit to the medical benefits. That is why Workers Comp is a value to you as well as to your employees