Hiring An Agent

Hiring An Agent

October 30, 2020

Hiring an agent.

What matters when you hire an agent to protect your business or your home and auto? Well there are several factors.

1) Find an agent that you can talk with comfortably, an agent that will explain coverages and uses regular language not insurance terms you are not familiar with.

2) Coverages are important, remember your life may have changed since the last time you purchased a policy. So let the agent point out things you may want to consider adding or deleting. And when you work with an Independent Agent they can help you find an insurance carrier that meets your individual needs vs an agent that only has one company as an option.

3) Premiums, we all know the premium is important. But also remember that if a premium is too cheap are there coverages that are not included? Will there be service or billing issues? Is the agent accessible or will the agent just refer you to the companies toll free 800#? 

We have all had an occasion when we thought we got a great deal, only to be disappointed in the quality or the service we ended up receiving.