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 Hiring an agent. What matters when you hire an agent to protect your business or your home and auto? Well there are several factors. 1) Find an agent that you can talk with comfortably, an agent that will explain coverages and uses regular language not insurance terms you are not familiar with. READ MORE >>

As the new year begins, many of us are involved in taxes and insurance updates. One thing that can be easily over looked is Beneficiary Forms. Many of the financial agreements we enter ask for a Beneficiary. But has your life changed since you purchased that life insurance policy, started that IRA or opened that brokerage account? READ MORE >>

        Fixing errors in credit reports remains one of the biggest hassles consumers face. Yet while the problem has been well known for years, credit agencies have been slow to make the process easier and more accurate. Why is that? READ MORE >>

Bonds vs Insurance ... is there a difference?  Yes, there are big differences. An auto or home insurance policy says that if certain things happen, then you could be able to recover payment for the damages you have suffered. Now a bond is a very different item. A bond is actually a credit instrument. READ MORE >>

General Liability is a policy all business owners should have in their insurance portfolio.  The General Liability policy offers coverage in several different areas, all on one policy! Let me explain how General Liability can work for you. READ MORE >>

 Why Workers Comp? If you own a business in Texas, you know that Texas does not have a mandatory Workers Comp statute. So why do I need Workers Comp? The reason you need this coverage is to protect you and your employees from financial disaster!  There are many facets that are a part of the Workers Comp policy. READ MORE >>

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