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Our Process

As independent agents, we collaborate with multiple carriers, delivering Comprehensive Insurance Solutions. The advantage for our clients is that we can contrast benefits and premiums among several carriers, offering Tailored Coverage that's the perfect fit for you, your family, or your business. We stand as a Trusted Insurance Partner, extending valued Insurance Brokerage Services.

Our History

SMA Insurance Services has been a Trusted Local Insurance Agency in the community since January of 1986. We cherish the lasting friendships and Long-Standing Insurance Relationships we have forged over the years, alongside offering Community-Centric Insurance Services.

Our Values

In order to excel in our role as agents, we will inquire about your family or your business. Our aim is to ensure we never overlook a coverage that may be needed, through a Comprehensive Coverage Assessment and Insurance Needs Analysis, ultimately providing Tailored Insurance Solutions.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

The insurance industry is one of constant evolution. We conduct an annual insurance review to assess your policy for coverage and premium alterations every year. And from time to time, we are going to suggest that a change of carriers via our adaptive insurance strategies is to your benefit. Our motto is clear: with a client-centric approach, we work for you, not the insurance company, ensuring the optimal insurance Carrier for your needs.

Meet Our Advisors

Steve Meleleu

Owner - Commercial Lines


Your Trusted Shield: SMA Insurance Agency Led by Steve Meleleu  In a world laden with uncertainties, having a reliable insurance partner is paramount. We epitomize this reliability at SMA Insurance Agency, owned and...
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Marcia Meleleu

Customer Service Manager


Our Client Relations: Marcia Meleleu's Excellence at SMA InsuranceIn the realm of insurance, where client trust and satisfaction are the bedrock of success, Marcia Meleleu stands as a paragon of exceptional customer service at SMA...
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